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The public perception and acceptance of wood-based bioenergy developments in the United States and beyond: Opportunities and Constraints

Fender, Emily
Wood-based bioenergy (WBB) development is gaining interest domestically and globally, and its public acceptance is a significant component when determining implementation and achievement. This study investigated a deeper understanding of how and why economic, socio-cultural, historical, and ecological contexts have influenced the perceptions and acceptance of wood-based bioenergy, particularly in the United States, but also in some parts of the world. The aim of this research is to utilize literature that apply a range of methodologies which are used to enhance understanding of the local acceptance of WBB development. Methodologies used are described in further detail below, some include using a community capital framework (cultural capital) and social-ecological models (SES) with ethnographic methods (i.e semi-structured interviews, surveys, data analysis, and participant observation). Furthermore, this paper highlights the importance of social science research and methods in sustainable development, particularly its significance when addressing the opportunities and constraints made by communities when developing WBB. Results from reviewed literature suggest while there is support for bioenergy development, there are economic, political, and historical constraints that halt the development and use of wood-based bioenergy. This paper will be organized by opportunities and constraints found in reviewed literature as well as arranged into separate regions throughout the United States or placed in a separate category for case studies found outside the United States. The purpose of this is to 1) understand and unveil any connections between the community perceptions found in reviewed literature, and 2) make recommendations for future development of wood-based bioenergy.
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Bioenergy,Sustainability,Public perception,Wood-based bioenergy,Renewable energy,Climate change,Environmental Anthropology,Ecological Anthropology,Anthropology
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