Bringing Reading Back to the Classroom

Hein, Brie
I believe that when students are actively engaged in the reading of the novel they are far more likely pursue personal analysis of the novel as opposed to simply following the teacher's lead. Kylene Beers comments on it in her work, When Kids Can't Read, What Teachers Can Do, when she declares the importance of having the students be introduced to the novel beyond being provided with historical information of the author and context of the text. The more students interact and engage with a text the more thoroughly the students will invest in and receive from their learning. This shows that having students be introduced to and interacting with the main conflicts of the novel before they even begin reading it will lead to a more invested reader. The more students invest in the text the more they will undoubtedly come away from the novel with. An investment in the text leads not only to further enjoyment of the text but also increased analysis and application to one's personal life.
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