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On Democracy

Carroll, Michael
On Democracy explores the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of the modern liberal democratic system of governance, examining how democratic systems function and fail. Key to the paper are the conflicting values of liberalism and democracy as ideologies, which create tensions and conflicts that cause serious problems in the economic, political, and social spheres. On Democracy examines the long term goals of a democratic system of governance and demonstrates the ways in which a democracy that fails to manage its inherent tensions starts to collapse. Democracy at its core is engaged in an attempt to encourage participation and engagement, while simultaneously seeking to avoid an antagonistic political system that prioritizes short term gains over the long term health of the system. Democracies are ideally designed to create a shared framework of morals, ethics, and values that help their citizens to view each other as worthy rivals rather than enemies to be destroyed. When a democracy fails to manage the tension between liberal and democratic ideologies, it creates numerous issues that can threaten the very fabric of the system itself. Only by developing a strong system with robust protections can a democracy hope to continue. Participation, engagement, and the health of a democratic government are all dependent on creating a system with enough integrity to manage its inherent, sometimes paradoxical tensions.
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Democracy,Government,Economics,Philosophy,Political Science
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