PESB: Physics Engine for Soft Bodies

Payne, Brandon
Marnell, Thomas
Three dimensional physics engines are used to simulate natural reactions in a computing environment. Most physics engines use rigid body structures and preprocessing to calculate collisions and motion. These rigid body calculations mean that the objects do not deform. A soft body engine assumes the opposite: that the bodies will change shape in response to pressure and forces. This requires that each individual object be broken down into many more manageable pieces. These smaller pieces allow for more precise collision detection and reaction to the collisions. Because of the manipulation of the smaller pieces the objects are able to obtain a ripple effect as each individual piece moves separately from the pieces around it. For this project, the physics calculations are processed in real time, rather than preprocessed. The engine is also designed to easily be used by rigid body engines to calculate the soft body interactions. In this way the engine can easily be used as a stand-alone physics engine or incorporated into existing projects.
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