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Dencity Automata

Schneider, Matthew
The world so large is growing ever so small. Scattered souls are slowly making their way quickly to urban concentrations, establishing residency in whichever fashion possible, thus slums are manifest. As of consequence, the health, safety, and overall standards of living for approximately one billion slum dwellers are less than poor and on the decline. To solve this problem a system must be initiated in place of the current infrastructure entanglement. A future proof system able to be universally implemented. By creating a standardized and compartmentalized housing design, the ability to grow organically from both existing and new roots can be achieved. Additionally, a majority of the current infrastructure and urban planning in place acts as juxtaposition rather than ease of circulation. As slums are cities within themselves, a more proper sense of city organization must be taken into account. To account for this, structures outside of residential must also be implemented. From community centers to business incubators, again standardized and compartmentalized, a variety of needs can be fulfilled unique to the many slums of today.
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University of Wyoming. Libraries