Enhanced Oil Recovery Screening

Yarger, Ryan
Bebo, Daniel
Copithorne, Lyndon
Nathanail, Athos
Robinette, Elyse
Team #1 of the Petroleum Engineering Senior Design Program was tasked with investigating the suitability of Wyoming oilfields for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The end deliverable consisted of an overall top five ranking of fields based on their EOR potential, along with a completed data set for the top two fields. Data for this project was provided by the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) at the University of Wyoming. Any necessary supporting data was sourced from the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC). The project was split into six phases: Research EOR Methods, Initial Field Screening, EOR Method Evaluation/Screening, Initial Ranking, Field-Level Investigation, and Final Ranking & Production Estimation. The final deliverable was achieved by confirming the suitability of the top fields for EOR and settling on a single producing horizon for each field if multiple productive zones were present. The research that took place utilized the WOGCC well files to determine production volumes, current completion and production methods, and more detailed information on lithology. OOIP was estimated to determine potential incremental recovery and to support the team's decisions. The project concluded on April 15, 2016 with the assembly of the final data set for the deliverable.
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