Drug Endangered Children in Wyoming

Rodgers, Kourtnie R.
Drug abuse in the United States is a continuously growing and morphing problem which provides many different challenges for policy makers and law enforcement officials. With a large number of people in the U.S. using some type of drug, children are being exposed to these drugs more and more as well. Children are especially vulnerable not only in their physical state, but also their emotional state in these crucial developmental years. Starting from the prenatal stage, all the way through to adulthood, there are major consequences to exposing children to drugs. Due to the wide use and abuse of drugs in the United States, a whole new class of individuals has been created, drug endangered children. Currently, law enforcement officials in Wyoming are forced to stretch other statutes to fit the definition of a drug endangered child. Wyoming needs to add a clear drug endangered child definition to state legislation in order to better protect the children in the state.
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