Green Building in Wyoming: A More Affordable Approach to a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Wilson, Amber L.
For many who consider the prospect of adopting sustainable living practices, especially when it comes to sustainable building, the perceived cost and sometimes lack of direction for taking on such a project can be daunting. The goal of this research project has been to explore the various options for sustainable building, particularly in the state of Wyoming, and to deliver a set of clear and effective recommendations for homeowners and builders. This list of recommendations was created after reviewing several journal articles concerning studies done on the costs, benefits, and methods of sustainable building practices as well as consulting with an experienced homebuilder in Sweetwater County. The effectiveness of different design methods in Wyoming's climate, along with costs of materials and estimated returns on initial investments were compared to develop this set of recommendations. Also included in the research, was a general cost comparison between standard and sustainable homes of the same size. The hope is that with clearly stated recommendations and comparisons, those thinking about stepping into the realm of sustainable living may do so with a clear understanding of what they are doing and why, and without the often deterring need to perform extensive research on the topic themselves.
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