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Wyoming Through New Eyes: A Podcast

Kennah, Taylor Olivia
Walls, Carolanne Elizabeth
The Honors College within the University of Wyoming requires each student in its program to complete a Capstone final project that demonstrates the interdisciplinary abilities learned  through participation in its curriculum. We, as students in the Honors College, wanted to bring our individual disciplines together in the form of a podcast analyzing the rich and hidden gems of tourism across the state of Wyoming. As students in wildlife biology and communications majors, each podcast is inspired by a road trip taken to several destinations in Wyoming that we decided to include in our experience. Prior to, during, and after each road trip, we conducted extensive research on each place visited, including the history, geology, academic research ongoing, and current tourism practices. Each podcast episode recorded in the Studio Coe facility within Coe Library included a brief recap of each place; thoughts and comparisons of it given our different disciplines and backgrounds; a short section about a piece of academic literature pertaining to something within the episode; and a recurring segment both about asking questions and explaining interests for entertainment and continuity. Throughout the process of researching, traveling, and reflection, we have determined that interdisciplinary skills are going to be key in both of our careers going forward, and we have created a series of podcast episodes that are now available on Spotify as well as on a website for traveling enthusiasts and college students alike.
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