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Bullying: A performance piece addressing emotional and verbal abuse between children

Cooper, Julia Marie
Bullying is a perpetual struggle for many children and young people, particularly at school. Many schools work to provide information about bullying and its consequences, however this material is often presented in lecture format. The goal of this project was to address this issue from another perspective and hopefully allow the children to physically see the effects through relatable movement and text. This project consisted of extensive research and a resulting dance performance designed to address bullying in the form of verbal and emotional abuse between children. Meant for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6, the performance was designed to connect emotionally to the students, increase awareness of the situation, and hopefully alter the individual's choices and actions. Working with six dancers, the contemporary dance performance was presented at Spring Creek Elementary in Laramie, Wyoming. The students were asked to participate by identifying the victim in an attempt to create an emotional connection to this character. As a group, they were also asked to consider their options as a bully, victim, and bystander. It was one step towards creating a new dialogue of an old problem. This paper will include information collected during the research phase, explanation of the dance choreography and performance, observed reactions and results, and finally how this project might be further adapted for future performances and alternative venues.
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