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Perceptions of Principals Regarding the Formative Supervision of Teachers, The

Fuss, Jason
Educational scholars commonly identify teachers as the primary in-school influence for increasing student achievement therefore, principals need to focus on improving teacher effectiveness through formative supervision. The purpose of this study was to explore differences in perceptions towards the formative supervision of teachers between more experienced and less experienced principals. Formative supervision allows principals to monitor, assess, and systemically address teacher performance with the intent of improving their practice. Guided by current literature, different aspects of formative supervision were constructed, the analyses indicated that certain sets of formative supervision constructs had no significant differences when comparing the grouping variables of principal experience. However, principals with more than three years of experience had a significantly different perception about their abilities to improve teaching through formative supervision than principals with less than three years of experience. More experienced principals indicated a higher level of confidence in improving instruction, as well as a preference for written feedback typically found in performance evaluations and not necessarily in walkthroughs where the principal has the option for oral feedback.
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formative supervision,performance evaluations,walkthroughs,feedback,Educational Leadership
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