Precocious Puberty: The Role of Obesity and the Psychosocial Consequences of Early Pubertal Maturation

Fuller, Teresa
Precocious puberty is simply onset of pubertal maturation at an age that is younger than the clinically defined norm. In the past decades, pubertal age has been continuously decreasing on average. One major theory to explain this trend in average pubertal timing is the increase in childhood obesity in many developed countries, including the USA. To summarize, in America girls are becoming more obese, and this is contributing to them going through puberty at a younger age. The aim of this report is to identify and discuss the biological mechanisms of puberty in human females, the physiological correlation between earlier pubertal age and obesity, as well as the psychosocial consequences of precocious puberty in females. By analyzing many experiments, studies, and personal accounts regarding the physiological, psychological and social impacts of precocious puberty it is hoped a better understanding of the whole picture of precocious puberty will be reached.
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