The remarkable recovery of the Yellowstone grizzly bear: Biology, science, and management

van Manen, Frank T.
Few animals symbolize the wild landscapes of the American West more than the grizzly bear. The fate of grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region was similar to that of large predator species worldwide, with indiscriminate killing in the 1800s and into the mid-1900s, resulting in severe population declines and range contraction. The path to recovery of the Yellowstone grizzly bear population started 50 years ago at the controversial intersection of science, policy, and public opinion. Concerted and visionary conservation efforts reversed the declining population trends of the late 1970s. Based on long-term data collected by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST), we explore the history, current status, and future of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The scientific data provide important insights into factors that contributed to the recovery, the resilience of this iconic animal, and the challenges that come with conservation success.
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