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Long-Term Effects on Conceptual Change and Affect for Preservice Teachers One Year After a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) Experience, The

dePasquale, Margaret
The current research evaluated the long-term effects of a cave automatic virtual environment (CAVE) experience on preservice teachers' conceptual change and affect. To evaluate the lasting effects, four students from a physical science class were interviewed one year following their experience in a CAVE simulation in which they learned about molecular density. For each participant the interview produced a transcript of his/her spoken responses and a drawing that was compared to the drawing s/he had done the year before. The results of the research showed that participants manifested both positive and negative affect in regard to their CAVE experience. Positive affect was most common in recalling the CAVE experience itself, while negative affect was most prevalent when recalling specific content learned. All four participants retained changes in conceptions from their time in the CAVE. However, these conceptual understandings consisted of both accurate information and misconceptions.
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Conceptual change,affect,CAVE,IVET,density,Education,Elementary Education and Teaching,Science and Mathematics Education
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