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Examination of Subfamilial Phylogeny in Bromeliaceae Using Comparative Sequencing of the Plastid Locus Ndhf

Terry, R. G.
Brown, Gregory K.
Olmstead, R. G.
Parsimony analysis of 31 sequences of the chloroplast locus ndhF was used to address questions of subfamilial phylogeny in Bromeliaceae. Results presented here are congruent with those from chloroplast DNA restriction site analysis in recognizing a clade containing Bromelioideae and Pitcairnioideae, and in resolving Tillandsioideae near the base of the family. Placements of several taxonomically difficult genera (e.g., Glomeropitcairnia and Navia) corroborate those of traditional treatments; however, these data suggest that Brocchinia (Pitcairnioideae) is the sister group to the remainder of Bromeliaceae. Further evidence for the paraphyly of Pitcairnioideae includes the resolution of Puya as the sister group to Bromelioideae. Implications for taxonomic realignment at the subfamily level are considered.
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Bromeliaceae,molecular systematics,ndhF,phylogeny,Botany
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