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Effect of Walk with a Doc Event Participation on Adult’s Basic Psychological Needs Frustration and Satisfaction Rates

Brandt, Madison
Background: Walk with a Doc (WWAD) is a community-based exercise program where participants joint to learn new health topics, increase physical activity, and meet new people. Purpose: the purpose of this study was to describe the basic psychological needs satisfaction and frustration rates of existing WWAD participants. We hoped to increase participation at future WWAD events after examination. Methods: 19 healthy participants aged 20-95 years filled out a survey based on participant characteristics and Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Frustration rates. The first cohort received the survey in person at a WWAD event. The second cohort received these via email through google forms due to COVID-19 interruptions. Mean and standard deviation measures were reported. Results: researchers analyzed differences between sex, marital status, age, education level, total attendance at WWAD (2019-2020) and frequency of attendance per month (≤2 times per month). Data was not statistically significant due to COVID-19 disruptions. Females reported higher frustration than males. Those who were separated/divorced showed higher frustration and lower satisfaction rates than other relationship statuses. Older adults (60-79) had high autonomy satisfaction rates, whereas; younger adults (20-39) showed high competence satisfaction rates. Those who had higher levels of education showed higher satisfaction rates. Conclusions: these observations suggest that older adults rely on autonomy satisfaction and younger adults rely on competence satisfaction. Furthermore, higher attendance at WWAD during COVID-19 may negatively impact Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction Rates due to pre-existing expectations. Further examination of this population is needed before implementation of an intervention to improve attendance.
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