Intervention Strategies for Prostitution: A Qualitative Analysis of the Efficacy of Intervention Programs in Comparison to Incarceration.

Hampton, Chelsea
Vaziri, Vanessa
Approximately 1 million women in North America are involved in prostitution, according to In addition to high rates of occurrence, cities spend millions of dollars on prostitution control through law enforcement and incarceration efforts. Prostitution is a prevalent social issue in America, which is often accompanied by incidences of abuse, exploitation and incarceration. Additionally, there are high costs to incarceration and the revolving door of prostitution. Throughout the course of our research we found extensive literature encompassing the history of prostitution and causes of entering the trade, but we found no specific information on comparison studies of intervention methods. There are many methods of intervention and prevention for this issue, and these different avenues should be explored and investigated. Considering that incarceration is a primary method for handling prostitution in the U.S. because of the nature of an illicit activity, conducting an investigation which involves comparing the efficacy of this widely used strategy to specific intervention programs seems logical and necessary. In turn, this study has the potential to provide a solid foundation for new strides in the area of research on curbing prostitution and better methodologies for intervention.
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