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Wyoming Education Leaders' Perceptions of Professional Development Needs and Delivery Methods in an Era of Accountability

Chase, Gerry
Barker, David
This study sought to determine the professional development needs of Wyoming's educational leaders and their preference for delivery methods. Pressure to improve student achievement in an era of accountability has created more focus on instructional leadership at the building and central office levels, and as a result, the importance of supporting educational leaders in their ongoing professional development has become more of a priority. The needs and preferences identified in thus study could serve as essential information for the coordination of resources, time, and expertise to support collaboration between and among school districts, higher education, and state agencies. This is particularly important in a rural state with few people and long distances between communities. Wyoming's educational leaders reported they have needs in a variety of areas and are willing to participate regularly in professional development that is accessible and associated with their peers. Information from this study speaks to the importance of creating and providing professional development opportunities to meet the needs of educational leaders in topic, delivery methods, and time frame.
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Educational Leadership,Professional Development,Instructional Leadership,Wyoming,Education
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