Design Process of Superhero Origin Comic Books, The

Biswell, Haley
The design process for superhero comic book artists is an overwhelming task and an art in and of itself. Artists face the unseen pressures of spacing limitations, difficulties with the writers or editors, and the fans and fandoms of comics can be harsh critics. There are also a vast number of roles in the comic book creation process and the final product relies on the work of writers, pencilers, inkers, colorists, and letterers. Depending on the company or individual behind the comic, there can be multiple people working on a single comic or just one person performing all the roles. For this project, I developed the concept art and basis for a superhero origin comic book, working as the creator, penciler, inker, and colorist. There is no script and the focus of this project is entirely on art design. The aim is to demonstrate the amount of work it takes to develop a style, a system, and finally a character and world. It is also important to recognize the significance of icons, signs, symbols, and colors within the comic book artwork. Using inspiration from legendary comic book greats, I have catalogued my design process and detailed my experiences using both traditional and new media techniques. Adobe Photoshop served as my primary design program when polishing, inking, and coloring my free-hand sketches.
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