Dispensing Device for Two-part Household Epoxy

Hoyt, Joe
Roth, Brent
Snyder, Lizzi
Banks, Jeremy
Two-part epoxy can be a very useful and helpful adhesive for home use, but it does not come without some common problems: It can be messy, inconsistent, and wasteful to use. The industry solution to this problem is the use of mixing nozzles, which are sold with most sizes of epoxy, except the 25 ml variety. The objective of this research was to design an epoxy dispensing device that readily accepts a variety of 25 ml epoxy cartridges and adapts them to a single type of mixing nozzle. It was discovered that there are two general types of epoxy cartridges available on the market that are dramatically different. Thus, the approach chosen for this project included the development of two limited-use cartridge-to-mixing nozzle adapters. To simplify the solution to this problem, a guiding case was also designed that would adapt the entire epoxy fluid system to a standard caulking gun, which most people have in their home toolbox. The epoxy dispensing device is easy to assemble and convenient to use. Most importantly, it solves the problems associated with epoxy use that was the motivation for its development.
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