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Arriving by N. Pac. Ry. At Gardiner, Mont., for visit to Yellowstone Park-W. to Gallatin Range.

You are in the southern part of Montana, three days' journey from either St. Paul, Minnesota, or Seattle Washington, by the Northern Pacific R. R. This railroad track is a spur from Livingston, Montana, 54 miles away, and the train, connecting there with through trains on the main line, has just made its two-and-a-half hour run bringing tourists here for a trip through the Park. On the return to Livingston it will run around a loop at your right between here and the bank of the Yellowstone River, the track recurving on itself a few rods below the station. The Park gateway is only a few rods away at your left, beyond the station. Gardiner is a small town (500 population), its chief buildings grouped behind you above the river. it is a supply centre for miners, hunters, fishermen and campers over a considerable section of the surrounding country. Hunters cannot pursue their sport inside the Park limits -the regulations are strict and the Park patrols keep a sharp watch for poachers on the Government preserves; fishermen may exercise their skill as much as they please provided the fish are taken only by the usual legitimate rod and line and none are sold for profit. From Notes of Travel, No.13, copyright, 1904, by Underwood & Underwood.
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