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Beautiful Upper Falls of the Yellowstone (112 ft. high), Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

Before reaching Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River we notice that the valley becomes more narrow, the river is much swifter, soon the current is very rapid and the water tumbles madly over the rocks; these are the Rapids of the Yellowstone River, which are just around the turn to the let of the Upper Falls. Soon the stream turns to the east and then we behold the beautiful Upper Falls. The water tumbles over a precipice to the depth of 112 feet. The fall is almost perpendicular, but the current is so rapid just before reaching the precipice that the water falls in a curve, and the spray is thrown a long distance. Stages stop here on their way from Lake Hotel, which is about seventeen miles south and tourists leave the stage and walk down the stairs which we see at the top of the Falls at the right, and find themselves at the very brink of the cataract from which they get an excellent view of the madly dashing water and the beautiful silvery spray. There is a footpath which leads to the bottom of Upper Falls and tourists often avail themselves of the opportunity to go down and catch some of the very fine trout which are so abundant in the steam; many, however, are so anxious to witness the grander sights beyond that they tarry at the Upper Falls but a short time. There are several projections from which one can get excellent views of the Upper Falls, but the one on the bluff at the right of the Falls is the best, as one stands at their very brink. For a half mile the river flows quietly but rapidly on until it takes another tremendous leap, that of the Great or Lower Falls.
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