Mapping Variations in Pearl Millet Growth using multi-year Landsat images

Elbert, Connor
Variability in crop growth in a field negatively impacts farmers by reducing the yield and hence the profit. Mapping patterns of crop growth in a field will provide insights to the farmer about areas of high, average and poor growth. Remotely sensed data collected from satellites and aircrafts from multiple years are used for mapping crop growth patterns. The primary objective of the current research project was to map variations in four fields that were planted to pearl millet. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) derived from Landsat satellite images acquired during three growing seasons were used to analyze patterns of crop growth. NDVI values are higher when crop vigor or health is good, and lower when under stressed or poor growth conditions. Fields were grouped to above or below average growth based on median NDVI values. These composite maps will provide valuable insights to the farmers to identify and prioritize areas for treatment aimed at reducing future variability in crop growth.
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