3D World for Reddit

Cook, Matthew
Seidel, Kay
Whitman, Caleb
Reddit describes itself as "the front page of the Internet." It is a popular website that aims to help connect people and discover new things. Anybody can join this website, or anonymously browse its more than one million subreddits (discussion boards). The website is designed in a simple fashion; when logged in, users can customize their view, but it is generally laid out as a simple forum website. Our group aims to visually represent the existing Reddit community and give Reddit users a new and fun way to discover content on Reddit. Using the Unity game development engine, we have created a real-time 3D world for Reddit. Subreddits are represented as buildings within a city, and threads are represented as pictures within the building. From this 3D world, users can interact with subreddits and threads by viewing or commenting on them.
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