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Digitization of Herbarium Specimens, a Collaborative Process

Schmidt, Lawrence
Digital collections in museums, libraries, and other agencies are expanding rapidly. Digitization of books, maps, photographs, and other objects for both preservation and dissemination are changing the way libraries work. Librarians who have, historically, worked with collections in print formats are anxious to move toward digital content as the wave of the future. Rather than stand on the sidelines and watch as the digital movement passes by, librarians need to be proactive and create digital content using both collections within the libraries' walls and proactively seek opportunities to work collaboratively with stakeholders outside of the libraries' hallowed halls. The creation of the Grand Teton National Park Digital Herbarium is an example of a collaborative effort between librarians, botanists, and national park personnel. All three groups needed to work together to create a digital herbarium useful to botanists and other individuals interested in the flora of Grand Teton National Park. This paper describes the project and suggests how other institutions may emulate the collaborative effort where more than two disparate groups have a stake in the final outcome of the digital project.
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University of Wyoming. Libraries
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Rocky Mountain Herbarium,Herbarium Specimens,Digitization,ACRL Conference Proceedings,Botany,Library and Information Science
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