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Relationship Between the Written Word and Visual Art, The

Pass, Madison K.
Visual art is a category that is incredibly vast, and has a rich and vivid history. The visual arts have wound their way through history, leaving their mark on everything they have interacted with. This is true of the written word as well. Yet these two elements are so often separated very distinctly, both into separate categories and often actually separated by medium from one another. This project is an exploration of the ways that the written word works in tandem with visual art. This is completed by looking at the ways that visual art has included or worked written word into the visual art, and not just having something written in relation to a visual piece. To further explore this relationship I have taken the project further than just research, and have actually created three art pieces that combine the written word in with visual art. This was done in order to examine and explore firsthand some of the ways that the written word can interact with visual art, and can consequentially create different types of expression than either do alone.
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