Bayesian Smart News Feed Reader

Bjornestad, Tyler
Weakly, Rodney
The Bayesian Smart News Feed Reader project is our solution to enhance the experience of the individual in retrieving pertinent and relevant information sources of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for news items. Rather than simply adding news feeds directly into a standard RSS feed reader the individual will load their preferred feeds into our "Smart" Feed reader. By using the "Smart" feed reader the individual will have the opportunity to categorize and rate each article within a feed according to their likes and dislikes. The system will take the users input on categorizes and ranking and use Bayesian analysis on future feeds to present the reader information relevant to them. The more feeds a user ranks and categorizes the more customized their "Smart" feed will be. The "Smart" Feed will be a time saver for the user because the system will have filtered and presented to them the most interesting news items to them.
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