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Residential Home Design

Palecanda, Vinaya Cauvery
The main goal of this Honors Capstone project was to design a hypothetical residential home in Paradise Valley, Montana with a concentration on detailed design of the project’s structural systems. As a structural engineer, residential home design is a process that I needed to become familiar with, and this project required that I lay out a structural system for a building based on architectural plans, determine the design loads acting on the structure, trace the load path through the structure, and design all the basic structural elements. Revit design software was used to create a building model and construction documents for use in bidding and construction of the building. The house has a walk-out basement, first floor, and second floor as required by the design constraints. The house has four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, mechanical room, laundry room and a 2-car garage. It also included a wood framed deck on posts, concrete piers, and a concrete patio. The roof system consists of multiple gabled roofs with ridges in different directions and a covered entryway. In terms of structural elements the design also includes 2x6 wood framed walls on concrete foundations, wood floor joists, composite lumber floor beams and steel beams with a steel post. All calculation and design were based on materials from previous classes taken according to the civil engineering degree plan and will reference the specifications outlined by the AISC Steel Construction manual for the design of steel members, the NDS for the design of timber members, the ASCE7 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, and other relevant construction tables. This project truly allowed me to work on ways in which I can improve upon existing design plans and methods and come up with the most cost-effective, efficient designs for a variety of different factors and scenarios.
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