Wireless Lighting Control System

Nickell, Chris
Alley, Trevor
The use of wireless systems has become more and more mainstream as of the start of the 21st century. These products have continually decreased in price, and have seen an increase in popularity for a variety of markets. There are products ranging from speakers to routers all using different types of wireless communication. The goal of this project is to create and implement a method for easily integrating wireless capabilities to a home's existing electrical system. This project will demonstrate the use of Wi-Fi to communicate at range with a receiver in order to toggle existing spot lights on or off. Secondly, as a proof of concept, it will have ability to point a given light using motors along its axes. The system's main control will be a handheld device that allows for portability, rechargeability, and convenience. All the receivers will have the ability to be retrofit into an existing electrical system with minimal effort.
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