Medication Reminder and Tracking System

Batson, Josiah
Remembering to take medication can be a hassle for many people in the busy lives of today. Whether it be distractions of work or the novelty of a new medication, a missed medication is not uncommon. In many cases a skipped medication may just result in some discomfort or anxiety. However, in certain situations this can have dire repercussions. Disregarding humanities proclivity to forgetfulness some people with diseases such as Alzheimer's are inherently impeded in this process. Alternatively, overdosing on medication and addiction are blatant problems as well. Subsequently, while these widespread problems cannot be solved by one initiative or another the integration of the Medication Reminder and Tracking System is designed to help attenuate these issues. The basic premise of this project is to provide a reliable reminder system throughout the day. If you didn't take your medication the device will send a reminder through Wi-Fi to a phone app. The system dispenses medication, tracks whether you have taken medication, and uploads this information to a database so someone can reference this information latter. In terms of theft and overdosing, it provides reliable security and warning systems. Therefore, this device sends an alarm if it's being tampered with as well as if someone has forgotten medication repeatedly. Also, if medication has been taken it will not dispense medication unless the emergency override is utilized.
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