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Experiential Education Programming Design and Development: Tenerife in Wyoming

Koberlein, Walker Eli
The purpose of this project is to develop and design an environmentally focused study abroad course using tools of experiential learning. This trip is for students from Universidad de La Laguna in the Canary Islands to visit the University of Wyoming. The Haub School has been connected with this school, sending students to Spain for ten years, and is hoping to expand to allow ULL students to come here. Yellowstone and in Spain, Teide National Park, are the two most visited parks in the world. As a student in many experiential learning classes through the Haub School, I have had the opportunity to engage in many types of direct learning experiences. Over the course of this semester, I have been planning budgets, draft itineraries, an informational flyer, and experiential learning resources in conjunction with the Haub School. My role on the trip would be to ensure students’ ability to learn in a new way, while also guiding them as a peer mentor throughout their time in Wyoming and the surrounding areas.
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experiential learning,study abroad,course development,Natural Resources,international relations
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