Automated Approach to Wellbore Stability Analysis, An

Guglielmo, Quentyn
Hannum, Hugh
Ogden, Bronson
Pollat, Carson
In some formations exploratory drilling can be considered high risk. In these situations, in order to determine the probability of developing a useful production well, it can be possible to generate wellbore stability models without drilling. Our project developed these simulations based on failure criteria and applicable correlations. This analysis was made possible by the relation of acoustic, density, and elastic rock properties with each other and other important parameters for stability testing. Because the procedure is computationally intensive the process was automated with a program. Using this method, it is possible to predict stabilities both for drilling and production. During drilling, this analysis centers on wellbore collapse and undesirable formation fracturing. For the production stage, it focuses on hydraulic fracturing and the prediction of fracture orientation, size, and containment.
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