Immortalization of Bovine Dendritic Cell Clones for use in Brucella Immunology Research

Heald, Jon
Berg, Jacob
Dendritic cells are a key component of the mammalian immune system; effectively these cell function to link the innate (non-specific immune response) with the adaptive immune response. Functionally classified as antigen presenting cells, dendritic cells (DC) play an important role in the pathogenesis of disease. Brucella abortus, the causative bacterial agent of the disease brucellosis, which poses a notable health risk to wildlife, livestock and humans. Infection of a host with Brucella ssp. has been shown to elicit acute disease, abortion and chronic infection of the immune system (macrophages and dendritic cells). The difficulty in treating brucellosis arises from this chronic immune system infection. How dendritic cells are involved in brucellosis pathogenesis is not well understood. My project over the last semester has been to establish an immortalized dendritic cell line(s) that will aid in furthering understanding of brucellosis pathogenesis.
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