Broad Spectrum Analysis with GC/MS of Complex Hydrocarbon Fuels

Gunatilleke, Bhagya
Fisher-Tropsch process has been gaining much attention due to its potential to provide an alternative source of hydrocarbon fuel. Hence the focus of this project is to develop a method to analyze both polar and non-polar compounds in the resulting hydrocarbon mixture of this gas to liquids process. In collaboration with Dr. M. Fan's lab (UW-SER), the project focuses on the characterization of organic compounds produced during the liquefaction processes. The resulting liquid product is a complex mixture of polar and non-polar hydrocarbons and their characterization at the molecular level would provide much needed feedback about the liquefaction process. MALDI-MS is used to characterize the possible large polar organic compounds in this mixture of hydrocarbon products and the surfactants used for the process. In addition, the mixture will be characterized by GC-MS to perform a more focused analysis to tentatively identify the volatile organic compounds in this liquid mixture through a reference mass spectral database.
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