Caste War of 1847-1901

Garcia, Alton
This project will focus on the Caste War of 1847-1901 in the Yucatán peninsula located in southern Mexico by compiling various primary and secondary sources. It will focus on the militarization of the natives and how the Mexican Army was able to overpower the native Mayan population, it will also focus on the revolutionary aspects of the native population and popular Mayan revolutionary figures during the time. The project will also look to explore the lifestyle and how the native population in the Yucatán lived their daily lives through various archeological files and reports, and how their lifestyle effected the progress and ultimately led to the failure of the Mayan revolution in the Yucatán. The project will look to prove why the revolutionary struggle of the native people in Yucatán was never able to progress after the first push forward for an independent state. Results will be reported in a research style paper as well as an oral report. The project will help provide a better understanding of pre 20th century native Mayan revolution and why it could not succeed, it will also provide a better understanding for political and military strategies used in the future to put down other Latin American revolutions. This project will look to prove that the Mayan revolution in the Yucatán was never successful because the lifestyle that the Mayan people lived, and because the Mayan people were never able to band together in order to form a strong revolutionary spirit among each other.
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