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Literary Tastes: A Cookbook of Original Recipes and Stories

Fassler, Shannon M
Literary Tastes is a hard-bound book which presents twenty-five cultural identities in the form of recipes, images, and my original writing in multiple genres. Chapters (each containing a recipe, image, and original composition) are not organized by contemporary nation, but by common cultural characteristics. Each is informed by research methods including interviews and oral histories, focused literary research, internet resources, and personal experience. In addition to formal research, creative elements expand on central themes of family, culture, and curiosity. Literary Tastes examines how food culture is shaped by, and in turn shapes, oral and literary storytelling. Recipes range from ancient innovations to contemporary adaptations, often influenced by politics and geography. It represents the multidimensional qualities of literature and the vast possibilities for language, animating text in daily life.
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food,cuisines,folktales,poetry collection,Creative writing,cookbook,Cultural identity,creative non-fiction,flash fiction,Folklore,family background,heritage culture,globalism,colonization
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