Environmental Control of the Miniature Test Chamber

Balogun, Ahmed
McFaul, William
Peele, Daniel
Smith, Elizabeth
Dr. Fertig's research group at the University of Wyoming conducts research on composite materials. Researchers examine the failure of small composite material chips during stress tests under a microscope. The research group wishes to further their research capabilities by controlling the environmental conditions under which the tests are done. The team requires control of the temperature and the humidity of the environment as well as the ability to test in a corrosive environment. During the academic year 2013-2014 a senior design team designed and fabricated a chamber to Dr. Fertig's specifications. The blower designed for the system did not provide adequate flow to circulate air through the system. Thus, the chamber was not able to be tested with the controls and no heat transfer capabilities were verified. This year's objective was to supply adequate flow through the system and create and test a stable control system. The team Laramie Valley Engineering determined the flow requirement of the system through heat transfer analysis and system testing, ordered an appropriate commercial blower to meet this flow requirement, tested the system with this blower, and reverse engineered this blower to meet the temperature and corrosive requirements. The team also tested and reconstructed the control system in a more compact and reliable way.
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