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Student Employee Turnover in Laramie, Wyoming

Munari, Cole A
As an organization or business sustains its competitive advantage and continues to thrive in its market it must attract and retain its top talent for as long as it can. In human resource management, human capital or the people with their specific knowledge that make up organizations are one of the most important stakeholders to utilize and reward. Employees, managers, board members, and other members of the firms are guaranteed to separate from the focal firm in one way or another. The term coined here is turnover and to be more specific to the study, the voluntary turnover of employees. Studying Laramie, Wyoming’s vital college workforce can lead to the answers to why students leave their college jobs before their expected departure date or graduation. Understanding the past research and literature on turnover circulates into the study of a specific group of employees that may be experiencing any number of troubles due to their current job. Correlating human resource management concepts like organizational justice, fairness, organizational citizenship behavior, collective turnover, and destructive leadership can reveal issues businesses have while attempting to employ college students. Using a survey methodology of current University of Wyoming students that are employed in Laramie, Wyoming. This is to inform local businesses how their student employees may feel regarding their treatment and then correlate it to their intention to turnover prior to their expected departure date. Bringing connections of where students currently stand concerning variables and concepts that lead to turnover. Future direction is provided for geographic and career-focused studies that can bring more significance to workforces in college towns like Laramie.
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Management,Turnover,Workforce,Laramie,Wyoming,Human Resource Management,destructive leadership,Collective Turnover
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