Pitchfork Field Study

Karki, Rochak
Panta, Dhruba
Parvez, Tayyab
Podio, Rebecca
Sadiq, Omair
The Pitchfork Field is an oil field that primarily produces for the Tensleep Formation. The field is physically located in Northwestern Wyoming in the Big Horn Basin. The characteristics of this field that have been examined include: porosity, permeability, original oil-in-place, and production decline curve analysis. The properties of the Pitchfork Field were investigated using the production data, well logs, perforation depths and other information of the field available on the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission website. Structure, oil-water contact and original oil-in-place maps and Hingle, Pickett and decline curve plots were created and analyzed. In addition, to the reservoir properties and production of the field other topics investigated about the field include: economics, environmental considerations and safety concerns. A complete field study of the Pitchfork Field, from reservoir properties to field operations has been completed.
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