Wirelessly Controlled Audio Visualizer

Oeser, Hayden
Music has been around for ages, and has been to the enjoyment of many civilizations throughout time. More recently, innovation has created modern visualizers that have lights illuminating colorful and patterned responses to audio, depending on the frequency and amplitude of the signal. This trend has become common on personal computers, at music concerts, and DJ's who want light and music props. The goal of this project is to create a wirelessly controlled LED visualizer that will allow multiple audio inputs, and in response illuminate a square of LEDs directly corresponding to the audio signal. The user will be able to switch the audio input signal, what response the LEDs will give to an audio signal, and adjust the brightness of the LEDs. The project will be lightweight and portable to allow easy travel, and will run mostly on batteries. The visualizer project has a learning aspect as well, where there will be an available USB port on the boards allowing the user to view the loaded program code, and also to modify or add to it. This allows the owner to visually see how programing works, and presents a learning opportunity with quick and fun results.
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