Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Screening in Wyoming

Baldwin, John
Duda, Jake
Morin, Dylan
Polzin, Jordan
Scalise, Kyle
Enhanced oil recovery is the process of producing additional oil after the initial primary recovery stage. Enhancing recovery efforts after the primary recovery of a well is dependent on the forces that control reservoir behavior as well as oil properties. Each reservoir has its own characteristics that must be considered in selection of secondary recovery effort. An extensive set of field data was collected by the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission for our team to investigate. Screening fields and eliminating fields to determine optimal candidates was our main objective. One of the most important screening considerations is potential profitability. The expected production needs to outweigh operational cost of the recovery effort. After the data is streamlined, the remaining fields will be ranked to determine which fields are the best contenders for EOR. While this project is highly focused on data analysis, technical applications of petroleum engineering were paramount. This project gives insight into petroleum prospect generation for secondary recovery efforts.
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