To go or not to go: Preparation for my upcoming Peace Corps experience

Strike, Mariah
Togo is a small country located in West Africa, situated between Ghana and Benin. Up until a few short months ago, I could not have pointed out Togo on a map. Now, I am thoroughly invested in this tiny country, as I will be spending 27 months there beginning on June 8, 2015. As the date for my Peace Corps departure nears, I am more and more intrigued with the country. This project serves as both a research paper and a personal reflection on my upcoming service. The research portion provides general background information on Togo as well as specifics on agriculture and Peace Corps in Togo. The agriculture background includes specific information to Togo as well as potential sustainable farming practices that may help in the region. Lastly, the reflection portion is a compilation of my thoughts about what to expect and how to prepare myself.
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