SAE Baja Vehicle Powertrain System

Quaglieri, Patrick
Bales, Dustin
Wagner, Brady
Barkhurst, Danial
AEOLUS Powertrain has been tasked with developing a mechanical system to propel the vehicle forward entirely from the torque provided by a stock, four-cycle Briggs and Stratton 10 HP Model 20 engine. The vehicle will compete at the 2014 SAE Baja competition in El Paso, Texas in five dynamic events and four static events. The dynamic events are: Hill Climb, Acceleration, Suspension and Traction, Maneuverability, and Endurance; all events are worth 75 points except for Endurance valued at 400. The static events (and their point totals) are: Design Evaluation (150), Cost Report (15), Prototype Cost (75), and Sales Presentation (50). All vehicle components will conform to SAE Baja competition rules. The powertrain will transmit torque to a purchased CVTech continuously variable transmission (CVT). The CVT will connect to the input shaft of a custom built gear case. The gear case will house three gear reductions: two by gears and one by a chain reduction. The gears and shafts for this gear case will be taken from a 1984 Honda Odyssey ATV gear case. The final sprocket in the gear case will be custom built to house the constant velocity (CV) joints of a Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS. The half shafts and other components of the Outlaw will be reused from the previous vehicle design. Accessory systems (including throttling control, rear wheel hubs, and brake rotor) design is also noted. The vehicle will improve in various performance measurements over the previous design.
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