Quick Camp

Roberson, Dakota
Williamson, Kendall
Background – Quick Camp is a project that was envisioned by Electrofab, Inc. which essentially enables a land owner and potential entrepreneur to maintain an RV campground without the need for a traditional camp host. Electrofab, Inc. provided the idea as well as monetary support for the design of the system, and intends to use the final product in industry. Methods – The system design incorporates various controls schemes in order to provide the customer with easy access to their campsites while providing a safe, reliable campground with access limited only to paying customers. The design is in part hardware (in order to monitor various aspects of the system) and part software (in order to interact with the paying customers). Results – In order to maintain the campground, monitoring of potable water, electricity, billing, and security gating systems is necessary and is entirely controlled via the combination of hardware and software components. The end product is a deployable, user friendly system that will make campground maintenance cheaper, easier, and 24-hour accessible. Conclusion – In conclusion, the product envisioned by Electrofab, Inc. has come to fruition, and with little manipulation, it can be deployed and used in industry in short order.
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