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Beautiful formation of geyserite, crater of Oblong Geyser, Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

Oblong Geyser in in Upper Geyser Basin near the left bank of Firehole River and close to the road which leads from Middle to Upper Geyser Basin. This geyser differs from the others of the basin in several respects. Its crater is oblong in shape about thirty by fifty feet. Instead of spouting as other geysers do during an eruption this entire pool of hot water is raised in a mass to a height of thirty feet, followed for several minutes by clouds of steam, then there is a short interval before the bowl fills with water, enabling us to get an excellent view of the spherical masses of beautiful geyserite lining its interior. It is one of the few good views of the interior of a geyser which we shall get in the Park and is well worth waiting several hours for an eruption to enable us to see it. The eruptions occur about five times daily. In the bottom of the crater are two large openings, through which, when the water is quiet, we can see to apalling depths. Around this geyser is seen some of the finest amd most interesting formations of geyserite in the Park. It is a form of opal and truly as beautiful as the real gem. The geyserite was formerly held in solution in hot water which is saturated with alkaline carbonates. As the water is exposed to the air it is cooled and loses its carbon dioxide, thus causing the hydrated silica, or opal , to be deposited. On the right, behind the small column of steam, may be seen the roof of Old Faithful Inn, about a mile father up the valley to the southeast. in the extreme background--several miles beyond the hotel--can be seen the crest of the Contintental Divide separating the waters of the continent. Firehole River, which we see just beyond the geyser, is on the Atlantic side. The tourist crosses this great divide twice in his journey from Upper Geyser Basin to Yellowstone Lake.
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