Adhesion Samples of Bioinspired Micropatterned Surfaces on Photopolymerized Shape Memory Polymers

Vardell, Victoria A.
Adhesive surfaces, inspired by biological micropatterned surfaces consisting of micron-sized pillars, were made using shape memory polymers (SMPs) to create a switchable adhesive surface. They were chosen because they are a (meth)acrylate based thermoset polymer with a short and dramatic transition of storage modulus with change of temperature. These samples were polymerized using a UV light and tested to define their thermomechanical properties, specifically their storage modulus and transition point from glassy to rubbery regions. Using previous knowledge, many processes to create samples were attempted, using a sylgard-184 silicone elastomer (PDMS) mold with the micro-pillar negative design pre-molded into it. Pictures were taken of these samples and molds using a scanning electron microscope (SEM), and an optical microscope. While a conclusive sample was not created, the work done in this project provides a foundation for further understanding and creation of micro-pillar adhesive properties and shape memory polymers.
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