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Laramie's West Side Neighborhood Inventory of Historic Buildings

Humstone, Mary
Anderson, Carly-Ann
Goldsmith, Molly
In July, 2010, the University of Wyoming American Studies Program (UW-AMST) entered into an agreement with the Albany County Historic Preservation Board to complete an inventory of historic buildings in a 32-block residential area of Laramie. The project was undertaken by UW-AMST as part of the public-sector component of the American Studies curriculum. Laramie's West Side neighborhood comprises all of the residential blocks west of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and east of the Laramie River. However, the blocks north of Clark Street were surveyed in a separate project ("Clark Street North"). Therefore, this survey project encompassed only the blocks from Clark Street south to Park Avenue. The survey area extends from Railroad Avenue on the east to Spruce Street on the west, and includes 248 individual properties. Although the survey area includes only a portion of the West Side neighborhood, for purposes of this report it will be referred to as the "West Side" neighborhood. The area north of Clark Street is referred to as the "Clark Street North" neighborhood.
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Laramie West Side,CLG Grant # 56-10-00000.05,Albany County Historic Preservation Board,University of Wyoming American Studies Program,Historic Preservation and Conservation
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