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Developmentally Appropriate Evidence-Based Practices for an Older Adult Balance & Exercise Class

Purcelley, Kara
There are many health-related benefits associated with exercise. However, aging effects experienced by older adults can impact the quality and efficiency of the movement they perform during their exercise programs. The goal of the research is to collect information that will help design developmentally appropriate practices for older adults participating in a group exercise class. The motor performance of participants in a senior balance and exercise class at the Eppson Senior Center (Laramie, WY) was observed. Biomechanical characteristics of the movements were identified, physical properties of the movers were described, and possible task and environmental constraints were acknowledged. From these observations individual factors were specified that constrained or restrained the movements and the degree to which task and environmental constraints afforded efficient and effective motor performance. Finally, the results were used to develop evidence-based practices and suggestions for improvement of a senior exercise class.
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