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American Indian programs at the University of Wyoming 1975-2015

Nutter, John F.
As I adjusted to my retirement years and maintained an interest in programs of the University of Wyoming focused on support of American Indian students, it occurred to me that several of the colleagues with whom I had worked on the programs had left the university or would soon be retiring. The knowledge and history of these efforts over 40 years would in large part be departing with them. In an attempt to record some Key points: of that history, I have collected thoughts and documents from this time period to create this summary. The document is divided into four segments—Student Support, Academics, Scholarships, and Institutional Activity. There are overlaps, but this division is designed to provide focus on the type of activity and its relationship to similar activities. A chronological list of actions is included at the end. This report is not designed to praise or critique any individual or action. It is meant to record what has happened, for future reference. There have been successes and there have been failures. There have been great collaborations and there have been many noble individual attempts. It is for future leaders and generations to assess what has been accomplished and where greater effort is needed.
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