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A Marimba Solo Composition and Performance by a Geohydrologist - A Reflection

Camille, Natalie
Music is a large part of most people’s lives, even if it is just road trip music or the school bell. Despite this, not many people dedicate their lives to creating music. As a geohydrologist, science comes much more easily than any creative activity. However, I have been playing musical instruments in some capacity since I was 4 years old. In an effort to continue my involvement in music and keep sane, at the collegiate level, I joined the percussion ensemble, wind symphony, community band, and marching band. As a culmination of the last 17 years of my musical life, I have spent the last semester composing and recording a performance of a marimba solo. This document contains a brief description of my musical history and a reflection of my experience composing and performing this piece.
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